Why Anthony Davian Likes Jonathan Levy Lcsw and You Will Too

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Jonathan Levy LCSW of Chicago, IL is the marketing coordinator and co-founder of Psychotherapy Associates of Chicago and he has been working as a therapist for over 20 years. John Levy LCSW earned his graduate degree from Smith College and undergraduate degree in Psychology from Ohio State University. Prior to entering private practice in 2001, Jonathan Levy LCSW worked in a number of area clinics, including Chicago Lakeshore Hospital and Lutheran Social Services. He has worked extensively with clients struggling with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and loss. He also has considerable experience working with couples to regain a sense of trust and connection with one another. Jonathan has a warm and direct approach with his clients, knowing everyone is capable of achieving a greater sense of happiness and peace, regardless of life circumstance says Anthony Davian aka hedgieguy a former hedge fund manager from Cleveland, Ohio. Jonathan Levy LCSW currently offers his services in two locations in the greater Chicago, IL area.

What to Expect from your First Therapy Session?

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The therapist will normally instruct the client on what to expect before they begin says Anthony Davian aka hedgieguy a former hedge fund manager from Cleveland, Ohio. Needless to say, you’ll need to decide early on just what sort of therapist you wish to be so that you are able to pick the most appropriate educational program to assist you meet your targets.

Regardless of the path you select for becoming a therapist, you are going to have the option of deciding to work for a number of distinct entities, or maybe you simply opt to work for yourself. A lot of people think of a therapist as someone that has a Ph.D. in psychology, but the truth is that there are lots of unique forms of healthcare professionals who provide counseling services to clients, and not all them have Ph.D.’s. Deciding on a therapist is possibly the simplest decision to make. Therapists, like Jonathan Levy LCSW, bring in quite high salaries, and in addition, there are amazing job opportunities at this time for new professionals. They are said to be among the most satisfied professionals, primarily because of the kind of services they offer. Some people became a therapist since they are inspired by somebody.

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