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Why Jonathan Levy LCSW Believes Gratitude is so Important

Focusing on and complaining about the negative aspects of your life does nothing but waste time and energy. What if we instead focused on all of the things that you are grateful? Professionals like Jonathan Levy LCSW believe this is much healthier and productive and you know what? So do I. But why?

1. Reset your mindset. Honestly, no one wants to hear about how bad your life is and your incessant complaining. This drags others down and sucks the air out of every room you enter. You'd be surprised how much better people will respond to you if you focus on the positives. Others will open up to you and want to be around you. Who knows what doors that will open for you, but I can promise that lifestyle is much better than being known as the gray cloud. On a personal level I have actually constructed a gratitude list at the recommendation of Jonathan Levy LCSW. I find myself reaching for the list when I am having a day that is not so great. Reading the positives I have written down makes me feel so much better, which turns my day around.

"Be happy" Jonathan Levy LCSW Chicago, IL therapist
"Be happy" Jonathan Levy LCSW

2. Reset your prospective. While you may have it bad at the time I can promise you someone is going through something far greater than you can probably imagine. People have a tendency to focus on the small world around them and not the larger picture. Try to remember that living in a first-world country is a huge privilege that people die trying to obtain each and everyday. Imagine yourself in a world where you constantly worry about your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Never knowing where food will come from, or if there will be work available to support your family. You think you have it bad huh?

3. Reset the glass. Odds are good that you are pessimistic by nature. Looking back though, was that warranted? Positive energy and mindset attract attention and energy and ultimately people will buy into you and your message. You can catch more flies with honey and that applies to both one's personal and business careers. It may feel unnatural at first, but go into a new project, relationship, etc. with the mindset that it will work out for you and you will be happy. See how things go with this new mindset and then decide which is better. For me, I can not work for pessimists. I can not actually think of one pessimist that I have read about making it big, being happy, and so on. Again, positive energy and attitude attract like-minded people and you need these people for successful projects.

Jonathan Levy LCSW Chicago, IL Anthony Davian @hedgieguy Cleveland, Oh
Half full? Or half empty?

I'd like to thank Jonathan Levy LCSW for a lot of thought provoking conversation. He is very unselfish with his time and cares very much about the greater good.

About the author: Anthony Davian is a former hedge fund manager from Cleveland, Ohio. He used to go by the twitter handle @hedgieguy. After going through hell, he is finally content and happy. It took nearly 40 years to get to that point and he was not smart enough to take the easy road to learning. Instead, he choose to constantly disappoint himself and others and cause much pain, suffering, and sorrow along the way.

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