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How licensed clinical social workers like Jonathan Levy LCSW improve our communities?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

As we discussed in our last blog, licensed clinical social workers (LCSW) like Jonathan Levy LCSW are the Marine Corps grunts of the social worker and mental health industry. They serve on the front lines of their respected fields, but what separates licensed clinical social workers from other disciplines is that they operate from a “person-in-environment” perspective. If you’d like to read about what the differences between an LCSW and other disciplines are this blog is helpful too.

Before we can really dive into how a social worker like Jonathan Levy LCSWhelps our communities, especially the greater Chicago, IL, area it is prudent that we have a general understanding of what person-in environment is all about.

colorful dandelions Jonathan Levy LCSW
A colorful perspective is sometimes needed.

Person-in-environment can be thought of as a perspective and/or framework used by clinical social workers like Jonathan Levy LCSW. The belief is that using this perspective or framework allows for a more adequate assessment of an individual, their presenting issue(s), and strengths. Many believe this framework is much more thorough and comprehensive than an approach that simply focuses on changing one’s psyche, behavior, or environment.

I like to think of the person-in-environment perspective or framework as taking a much more holistic approach. Since social workers like John Levy LCSW are not only looking at the person, but their environment as well, person-in-environment allows for a broader range of interventions. I like to think of it as increasing the size of the practitioner’s tool box and the number of tools in that tool box.

framework structural beams Jonathan Levy LCSW
How I think of framework used by social workers like Jonathan Levy LCSW

I think it is clear how social workers help the community. By focusing on the individual and the their environment social workers are helping the individual become a better community member and maybe help the community be a bit better for the member too. These thoughts are just my own take on the subject, but I hope you found this helpful and maybe will provoke you to do some more homework on the topic.

About the author: Anthony Davian was the former idiot hedgieguy on Twitter. Anthony Davian is a recovering hedge fund manager that hails from Cleveland, Ohio. Mental health information and advocacy is a passion.

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